Home EXHIBITION: 24 September 2003 for 3 weeks
'Love Letters & Love Nesters'

Sv. Jono gatves gallerija
Sv. Jono Str.11, VILNIUS, 2001, Lithuania

(Vilnius 2124154)


This exhibition paused on poignant themes such as the unborn, growth, transformation and death.

' (paper)
A Poet uses ink, pen and paper; Jeanette uses fibres, including wool and paper to create the poetry of love and life.  
  ‘Letters, Poems, Words’ have been reoccurring themes in her work. This exhibition suggests writing with thread and needle.
A 'Lifeline' threaded it's way though the wonderful interconnecting arched rooms of the Sv. Jono gatves gallerija. The walls are several feet thick in places. This collection took the visitor on a journey though Jeanette's work & world of the last 5 or so years.



Jeanette's hands are her voice. She threads feelings, thoughts, joy and pain through her fabrics.

Footprints (felt)
Featured were most of the important elements of Jeanette's work during this time: scarves, shawls & most of all the felt work, dripping felt hanging installations, cocoons (paper & felt), the lifeline, footprints....

‘Lines to my lover’

The 'life-line' leads you on...


‘Love Nest’

(felted hammock)


The Nest is embracing: it cradles the many parts of the exhibition.


‘Touch Me’






‘Butterflies in my stomach’

dripping felt

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