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Sense of Identity
Contemporary Scottish Textiles
Museum of Arts & Crafts, Itami, Japan: 22 June - 2 July 2006
Jeanette's image was chosen for the official post card for the exhibition
In Japan ‘Finding your way home’ was an installation conceptualising the term‘Moder Dy’ (The Mother Wave). Jeanette exhibited work alongside other textile artists.

The ‘Moder Dy’, a skill no longer used, was a method used by Shetland fishermen of using the patterns in the waves to navigate their way home.

Fishermen’s wives estimate their husband’s return by the amount of yarn they had knitted. The work was inspired by Shetland's waters and its mens mastery of them bringing alive a feeling of Shetland’s old traditions of timekeeping and navigation.
Photography: DaveJFord
  2 Lizard like knitted forms layed on concrete floor
3 Lizard like knitted forms layed on concrete floor. Brown , dark & light grey
  Single dark Lizard like knitted form layed on concrete floor
Girl on plinth. Long thin grey train  of garment pulled up & over the camera.
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