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  Collaborations with emerging properties:
Jeanette co-founded emerging properties poetry & performance with Nicola Dahlinger in 2000.
Ghost Letters I-IV is a performance cycle produced by emerging properties, based on the poems by Richard McCann. The poems speak of his personal experience with the death of his partner.
'Ghost Letters 1': Ghostly figure lying in graveyard in rolled felt costume   For Ghost Letters I (Brompton Cemetery, London 1999) and II (Friedhoefe vor dem Halleschen Tor, Berlin, 2001) Jeanette created costumes for a chorus of ghosts accompanying the narrator and the audience on their journey across the cemeteries.
'Feast of Salt': Blood red 'lifeline' felted rope lying in a heap
For Feast of Salt-Ghost Letters III (Gertrud Seele Haus, Lanke, 2003) Jeanette installed a “lifeline”, pieces of red felt rope in a former sanatorium.
'A Form of Patience': Hand made paper

For A Form of Patience-Ghost Letters IV (Brotfabrik, Berlin, 2004) Jeanette created the concept for the performance together with director Nicola Dahlinger. She was part of the initial rehearsal process and her residency in Schloss Broellin, 2004.

'Blackbird' Projection Screen For Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird (Internationales Literaturfestival, Berlin, 2004), Jeanette created a 13 m textile screen for video projection.
Pair of frosted Ice Scissors. Actually made of cast glass
With 'DesignEd' 2006
Felting the Garden: Bucket with whispy goat hair & felt wraps
With Althea Lauder 2004
Metacorpus: Woman arms ups / stretched in latex & wire costume
With Anna Cocciadiffero 2000

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